Sunday, 10 January 2010

Hotel Room Furniture

I have now narrowed down the objects/furniture which will be in my room. I have decided on the main focal point of the room being the dressing table (the reflection). Other objects which will fill up the room will include; a picture mounted on the wall, a wall lamp above the picture frame, a plug socket, a chaise-lounge and skirting boards, coaving, day dado/picture rails.

As you can tell from these objects, the style/design of the room has changed. Since modelling the dressing table, which is the object i built my room around, the average clean hotel room from the 90's just does not seem to fit the bill any more. So i have decided to go for a more upper class, still basic but more posh hotel room.

By changing the style of the room this means i can have more extravagant items of furniture. I have decided to go for a chaise-lounge, which will fill the empty space on the left hand side of my set.

A while back Phil mentioned something along the lines, the wrong object in the right place can set the imagination flowing. This is exactly what i am going to do, I'm thinking i need an object on top of the chaise-lounge. So far the object which comes to mind is a silk dress or lingerie of some sort lying across the top of it. But then on the other hand i could have a completely opposite random object which has nothing to do with the room.


  1. I think the lingerie idea is too 'proper' for a hotel environment - it might be considered an obvious article and so 'make sense' of your narrative, as opposed to set it spiralling into 'what if?'

  2. Too right Phil, it seems a bit to obvious and fills in the gaps to the story. Im trying to think of a really random object that has no place being there.