Monday, 25 January 2010

Maya: Camera Rig - Alan

Alan, regarding the focal length camera rig tutorial, I have left my rig on the uni computers and so was unable to complete the camera rig tutorial for today. I have however posted the previous tutorial, the thirds and diagonal when we received them.


  1. Hi Richard,

    Ok thanks for the info.

    It seems like you’ve had a productive project. All the tutorials done and a final scene completed. Great stuff!

    At this stage there are a couple of bits of minor advice that would help you to improve future scenes. Firstly, 'Be dirtier' - Your scene is somewhat sterile and needs a more history - Dirt (in textures) and distortion (in geometry) to add 'life' and a used quality into the world. Secondly, the lighting in your scene is a little harsh. Come and see me if you would like 'post-crit' advice on lighting scenes for the future.


  2. Cheers Alan,

    All helpful pointers. The second of which was picked up on in the crit.

    I wanted the lighting in this image to be the source of its power so to say, i done the main strange light from the door fine, but couldnt use the point lights effectivly.

    I will definatley be seeing before the crit on the lighting next time :)

    Also, i was not aware that we had to post the fur tutorial renders either, i did complete them though.