Sunday, 10 January 2010

Maya: Tableau Vivant Progress 04

Heres a really rough really quick render of what im thinking will be my final shot. As Phil suggested, and has won me other with is the widescreen frame. Im pretty sure i will be using the widescreen frame for my final.

The light source wont be at that angle but it will be coming out of the wardrobes on the opposite wall to the dressing table around the corner.

The picture frame will still be there but will be landscape rather than portrait.

But i need an object to fill the empty space on the left hand side of the picture. Im thinking arm chair, but as allways am thinking something else aswell. Should i leave the space empty, which could give the shot ambiguity and would help the shot.

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  1. for a high res scene such as this i would model rather than texture, after all you are only rendering one frame rather than a hundred so you can afford the luxury of expensive polys.