Monday, 11 January 2010

Maya: Tableau Vivant Progress 08

I have now modelled a rough chaise-lounge. I'm not entirely sure on it, it seems like a good idea, but once i have modelled one and placed it in the set it just doesn't seem quite right. As if it is taking away from the focal point of the set.

Also, I'm still not struck on the CG looking cushion.

Once i placed a light source on top of model it instantly sets the scene.


  1. Hi Richard to break up the CG-ness of your cushion you have several techniques at your disposal.
    1. soft modification tool.
    2. lattice deformer
    3. texturing
    These can be used in combination to break up the perfect shape and give it both a more organic and used feel.

  2. Cheers Simon, ive used the lattice deformer before, i was hoping that some texturing would help the problem, but i have never heard of the soft modification tool before.

  3. A couple of suggestions - have you tried moving the chaise-lounge off the wall and turned at a slight angle to the viewer - just to interrupt all the horizontals? Also, I notice that the height of the chaise-lounge pretty much meets the rail - which again creates a totalising effect of horizontals - an orderliness; of course, this same orderliness creates a kind of hush in the scene - anyway, it might be worth a few alternate tries, if only to dismiss them...

  4. soft modification is not was i meant duh me... I meant sculpt geometry it is basically a really really basic tool similiar in pinciple to z-brush, its situated in the mesh tab of the polygon tool set. Soft modification is situated in the toolbox 2nd to the bottom and is used to push and pull vertices with a drop off in there influence.