Monday, 18 January 2010

Maya: Tableau Vivant Progress 11

I think I'm over half way through laying out the UV's for my scene now, i tryed out a different technique of modelling the entire scene first and then laying it out after wards. I thought it wouldn't be too bad because theres not much there, but i was wrong. Its much more of a better technique to model and lay out as you go along. All i have to lay out now is the chaise-lounge, picture frame and the wall lamp, then its on to texturing :D

Then after texturing all i have to do is add in my random object, which i now have :D the lighting for the scene and add in the 2d mirror i will draw in Photoshop.

My random object for the scene, which will be placed on top of the chaise-lounge will be a rubic's cube. Not only will it be as random as a rubic's cube but the squares will be layed out to replicate an arrow pointing around the corner.

Heres some quick textures for the ruibic's cube, but im thinking i will now model it in Maya.


  1. hi rich have you done your essay ?? already ...

  2. Hey Ruben, no not yet :S :S :S have you?

  3. It's looking good Rich, and cheers for helping me with that extrude thing today.

  4. nah!! Im gonna start on wednesday and thursday finishing it, hopefully,even if I dont sleep lol

  5. Yeah i think i might do that lol, cheers simon, yours looks really good aswell.