Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Maya: Tableau Vivant Progress 15

Here's my first textured render. I still need to do work on the lighting system. Regarding that, Alan or anyone who knows, I'm using a spotlight, is that the best option to use or would any other light work better? How do i stop the light/shadow edge from being so jagged? Also what is that strange strips of light on the dressing table?

Ive also decided to take away the plug socket and lamp, there was no logic to them, i was going to have the knocked over lamp, but took that out so there was no need for the plug socket. I was also going to have a lamp, but i takes away from the drastic blue lighting. I think the simplicity is its strong point.

1 comment:

  1. putting the filter up on the shadow maps? dunno lol, also it looks a little dark, dunno if that is on purpose? but maybe chuck in some point lights? alan showed me this the other day and it works a treat! looking good, must admit your right in sayin simplicity rules, as my sen is getting a bit hectic.