Sunday, 24 January 2010

Unit 3: Crit Response

An end to a good project, in my opinion they just keep getting better. Overall i think my project went well, a bit of a poor time management after xmas, but still well.

I'm happy with the out come of this project, i agree with and did acknowledge the critiques thrown at me during the presentation, that some improvements could have been made, noticeably in the lighting, some rim light on the wall closest to the camera and on the chaise-lounge would have been nice.

I think a notable well done should be said to Ruben, Leo, Sam and Ethan. They were the presentations which really stood out to me.

Now its on to Unit 4: Storytelling, this should be really interesting, judging on the rather wacky envelopes we received any way. The random words i received for this project are...

A Chef...
A Desert...
And a Lasso.

I have yet to read the brief, so I'm not sure what this project is completely yet, but, I'm all ready imagining a chef character which could be in my story. I suppose this is a good thing though, even if there is no human characters again.

Also, a good bye to Phil 'Photoshop' Hoskin's, which sounds like a wrestler :D you have taught us a lot and i think without you we definitely would not have the outcomes that we have had for the last two projects. Hopefully we do have you again for some projects yet to come.

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