Sunday, 14 February 2010

Character Research - Cowboy

As i have mentioned before, for the lasso part of my story i will introduce another character, the cowboy. With a cowboy there are so many different looks and types it has been quite hard to round down what i want my cowboy to look like. I want to keep it as simple as possible but it still be clear that the character is a cowboy as well as a chef.

I want the cowboy character to be quite similar to Yosemite Sam from Loony Tunes, but not so close that the character essentially is Yosemite Sam. Compared to the sushi chef, the cowboy should be a lot smaller and shorter and have stereotypical actions of a 'bad' cowboy, meaning that any sort of suggestion could lead to physical action.

In my opinion the two main parts of appearance that make a character a cowboy chef are the hat and apron. So i want to keep the rest of the cowboys appearance as simple as possible. Maybe just a red checkered flannel shirt, a greasy white apron, the cowboy hat (not sure what size yet) some jeans or chaps, and boots.

This will all soon become more resolved and clearer once some character sketches have been done.

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