Friday, 12 February 2010

Character/Story Development

This is the development so far for my second story idea. Personally i feel as though the basic idea for this story was a vast improvement compared to my first idea, and since the story workshop on Tuesday it has improved to be the stronger story idea.

Just to refresh your memories, my three given words were; Chef, Caravan and Lasso.

Initially i started to research chef's seeing as this would be the drive for my story as it is the character. I was just researching your everyday chef to the way i imagined him to be, the chef would be short, quite fat and stumpy with small legs and small arms, have i nice big chef hat and moustache. What later came to mind was Chef Skinner from Ratatouille.

This was the character that i was going to develop further.

But through further thought (and a joke story which came to be useful) i then decided to think of the chef as a character from a different country. Initially i imagined the chef to be Japanese cutting sushi really fast and look like a very stereotypical Japanese chef. I have then gone on to research some chefs in different countries a bit more ranging from France to Australia. But none of which have as much potential as the Japanese chef, especially in my chosen location. Plus it doesn't help that i had the Japanese chef set in stone before i began further research :)

At first i just imagined the Japanese chef to have a big build a be overweight. But during the story workshop Phil mentioned sumo wrestlers which is exactly what i had in mind. This build and posture is a definite character element to consider.

Now with a completely new character in mind i was free to explore a whole new story idea and take it into the workshop.

Before the workshop, my basic story idea was as follows...

The thought which moved the story into motion was a duel between another character, the cowboy and the chef.

With the chef being Japanese and working with fish, there is a huge range of fish that can be used as weaponry for example sword fish, blowfish, electric eels or even a live shark. All of which could be used in a duel.

Then you have the cowboy, classic weaponry like guns, lasso's etc. Which is where the lasso comes into role on the story. Not so much as a main role, but instead a prop to introduce a new character. I also thought the cowboy should be a cowboys type of cowboy like Yosemite Sam from Loony Toons.

The duel would take place after an obnoxious comment from the cowboy about the Japanese chef's fish. Something along the lines of how they (the cowboys) don't like your type around here (your type meaning the fish).

This was as far as i got before the story workshop, but during the story changed into something quite spectacular. Instead of the duel being a physical fight between the chef and the cowboy, the fight will be a fight to sell food to a passing by customer.

The two chefs (the Japanese chef and the cowboy chef) will be on opposite sides of a dusty highway selling the food out of a caravan converted burger van.

I still need to work out exactly what will happen in my story and when it will happen, but for now I'm off to work. I will try and work it out during the day and post later.

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