Thursday, 25 February 2010

Cowboy Chef Character Development

Here's the initial sketches for my American cowboy chef character. At first i was thinking of the character as being really short with a very square face and a moustache. Now though after some more sketches and some help from Collin and classmates, I'm starting to see the cowboy chef which will make perfect sense for my story. I want him to be very short and fat, have a moustache which will show his emotion and movement for speech, and be very greasy and look unhealthy.

Then after a bit more development, i started to think of what type of hat and hair the cowboy chef would have, I'm imagining the cowboy to have really greasy slick back hair and a dirty old short cowboy hat.

There is still allot more development to come, these are just early sketches. I'm just trying to get them on there way to the final stages so i can then start on the environment art and storyboards.

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  1. Yes, I think the rounder face works better...