Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Development In General

I now have an definite Act One if you will, for a first story idea. As i have said before, i wanted to let the character drive the story, and that is exactly what happened. I was sitting down the other night trying to scribble some rough ideas for my chef character and i drew just the head of one of the characters, which gave me an idea for Act One of the story and then quickly jotted down what i was thinking.

Here's the character which inspired me, and some other rough ideas i was thinking of. I really thing the first two have potential for more development.

Story Idea One, Act One:

The story starts with an up close shot of the chef's sad/lonely face.

The shot then pans out to reveal the chef is leaning on his hand and on his workspace looking into nothing.

As the shot pans out it reveals that the chef is working in a caravan that he has converted into a kebab/burger style van. Which then continues to pan out and reveal that the caravan is located on the side of an old dusty road in the middle of no where. I'm thinking if having a desert location, road runner styley.

Whilst the shot is panned out showing the caravan and empty landscape, either something runs past really past just showing a trail of dust (which would rip on road runner really obviously, so I'm not quite happy with that) or some sort of animal walks past.

The shot then pans back in on the chef. The chef's facial expression then changes into a slow raising smile, as if the chef gets an idea. (the whole light bulb Biiiing, above the head effect)

End of Act One and fade to black.

I drew this quick storyboard scribble before when i got my idea just to get it down on paper so i wouldn't forget it, before the storyboard lecture, so I'm now thinking I'm on the right trails story board wise.

Also like a few other people on the course, i went to grab some Disney Pixar books from the library after the briefing the other day. Just to get an idea of what is produced behind the scenes of animation. I came across these storyboards from 'The Art of Up', its interesting to see how tightly the animation stuck to the storyboards and hopefully i will be able to produce some in the same fashion.

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