Thursday, 18 February 2010

Essay - Phil

Hey Phil, i am well under way with my essay, i have done all the necessary research, gathered all my quotes, drafted a quick plan and have wrote the introduction and opening paragraph to my main body which is a brief description of Saving Private Ryan. But i do need some help refining it. I have 1,259 words in just this information and have god knows how many quotes.

Are you in tomorrow? if so could you have a quick look, or i could email what i have so far to you and you can tell me what you think there.

Cheers, Rich


  1. Hey Rich - send me a draft -

  2. Hi Rich,

    Okay - I've looked at your essay - and you have a rich resource of quotes and references; what isn't yet clear is the point you are trying to make; for instance, Spielberg talks about the 'slo-mo' approach to staging war scenes in films - a sort of glorification - and how his own approach was an attempt to do something real; I think you need to establish the existing conventions that Spielberg was working against, and so utilised a number of techniques in order to do so (improvisation/cinema verite etc.) Spielberg was trying to create 'reality' as opposed to 'genre reality'. You should also begin your essay with a generalised examination of editing, perhaps as 'the invisible art' - but, as you talk about montage editing, you should also refer to the Russian approach etc. and the Odessa steps etc.