Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Essay Subject: Saving Private Ryan

I have now changed my essay subject. This is due to a quick word with Phil and a morning of research. Phil mentioned yesterday the film 'Saving Private Ryan' directed by Steven Spielberg which is a film I'm sure almost all of you have seen. The last time i saw it was quite some years ago so i gave my self a quick refreshment this morning which then certified that this was the film i want to write about.

The link below is of the scene and the entire movie which is posted on YouTube.

The opening scene starts with a war veteran walking down the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, he then drops to his knees with emotion from all of the grave stones and the story soon begins with an epic 30 minute opening scene of the American soldiers trying to land and make foot onto the beach, slowly trying to fight through the German defense and get off the beach.

In just this small clip at the beginning of the film i am already nocticing all the different shots which would have been story boarded and ones which really work well for the stroy.

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