Wednesday, 3 February 2010

La Jetee

La Jetee (1962) is a black a white masterpiece of still photos which convey a science fiction based short story of a post apocalyptic Paris. The short story is built up entirely of still photos except for a minor part nearing the end of the story (when a sleeping women opens her eyes).

Through out the story there is no sound except for a calm paced narrator explaining and describing what is happening to the listener, an occasional burst of German muttering which proves to be very creepy indeed and a continuous heartbeat in the back ground which does well in building tension through out the whole story.

The stills themselves are photography at its finest for its time, the lighting is very dramatic and the way the frames cut into the peoples faces create a feeling of movement and emotion. In almost every shot I'm sure you would be able to ell what sort of emotion is running through that persons face.

Overall i would say that this short story is packed full of emotion and has a very creepy/eerie feel to it.

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