Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Psycho (1960), like the film Rope is another Hitchcock classic. Probably one of the best, but in this case unlike the film Rope due to its extensive editing.

Having previously watched the remake which was made in 1998, i must admit i found watching the remake slightly boring. Not at all due to the storyline, don't get me wrong the storyline is really good, especially with the twist at the end. It was due to the fact that i knew exactly what was going to happen.

Like Phil mentioned, the remake was created shot by shot to the original, from what I can remember the camera positioning was a dead replica. The only minor differences i could pick up on was in the wardrobe, for example Sam had a cowboy hat in the remake, then there were some slight difference in peep hole scene, but that really is it.

Most notably, Psycho is known for that epic shower scene of montage editing. As the audience, we see no violence what so ever, there is no blood gashing out everywhere and there are no stab wounds (unlike todays over rated slasher movies). Just a rather clever piece of editing with suspense and violence being built up through music and a cut, cut, cut shot sequence.

As far as editing goes, this movie should be very high up in its list of prestigious movies. Imagine watching Psycho, with out editing, just slow paced camera movement like in Rope. It wouldn’t be a very good movie at all, all the genius of that movie, aside from its good storyline, and good acting, lays within the editing of the footage.

What I liked most about Psycho has to be the main character of the movie Norman Bates (played by Anthony Perkins). His performance throughout the whole movie is superb; all his little characters of emotion and ticks in which he portrays through out the movie really make the character. I particularly like the sly grin and smile in which has when speaking to people, and the way he eats his sweets. They all add up to create the perfect Psycho character.

So finally, we have the ending, some people may have predicted it and others didn't. I must say that i am in the others didn't group. As we all new the killer through out the film was Norman Bates mother, so obviously not Norman, but then we find out that the mother is actually dead and that the town sheriff was witness to the funeral. It was all so confusing, especially when we saw the mother up at the window, but then it was all made clear, with the final twist of the movie coming to a close. It was in fact Norman who killed the people due to the psychotic condition and remorseful past.

Another good movie, this time full of editing and full of twists.

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