Monday, 22 February 2010


Today we watched Rope (1948), an old Hitchcock classic. Its good to see we are back on the road to old classics which are enjoyable to watch. I must say though i am looking rather more forward to seeing Physco tomorrow, as i have previously seen the remake with Vince Vaughn and would like to see how well they pulled it off.

Anyway, back to Rope, As you all know the story takes place with in the one set and is filmed at a consistant pace with no editing. Which truly makes the film genius in my opinion, but apparently not to others. When there was the mention of no editing what so ever in this movie at the beginning of the film, i got rather confused when they had the fade transition from the street to inside the apartment. But it was all clear form there onwards that there was not any.

Hitchcock used a clever technique of making the transition from one piece of footage to another, he created the transition by zooming in onto a characters back and out again. As clever as this technique is, i think it was greatly over used. The first time the transition took place was genius, but soon after that it was really noticeable what was happening. That said, that's the only bad part of the movie i can really pick up on.

A brief comment to outline the story would be; the perfect murder. Two friends set out to create a perfect murder which separates the superior, as being capable and having the power to murder form the inferior which would become accepted as being victims of murder. The two friends succeed in the perfect murder, by using a piece of rope wouldn't you know, what a coincidence. They then put the body into a chest, and host a party to celebrate the murder, by doing so making it more exciting to get caught, seeing as the guests are all friends and family of the victim. The two friends eventually get caught out by a suspicious guest, which is a friend of both them and the victim, who also believes in there theory of murder, until the end where he realises that its mad and inhumane.

Some other parts of the movie which confused me was the fact that the movie seemed to flow in real time, due to the lack of editing and flow of the movie in comparison to the background. The time of day seemed to change from what appeared to be mid day to evening all in the space of an hour. Then the only other confusion part of the movie was the flashing neon lights at the end, which served there purpose in creating atmosphere and mood, but i could not understand why a posh city apartment, would have low tacky neon street lights right next to the window.

But saying this, over all i would say the movie is great in the sense that it has no editing what so ever, it really builds up suspension in its slow pace and lack of camera movement (most notably in the scene with the made cleaning the table and walking back and fourth down the hall) unlike all the fast paced cut, cut ,cut movies today and that i would recommend to any movie enthusiast for a change of film.

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