Monday, 1 February 2010


Ive never really been one for stories, i love listening, watching or on the occasion :/ reading stories. But have never been one for creating them. This of course all has to change for this unit, but i since the lecture this morning i have decided to create my story very character driven, as Phil mentioned earlier, stories come from characters.

I have been attempting to create some sort of idea from my three words for quite some time now and its getting me no where. So i am going to focus more on the words them selves, and hopefully the story should follow accordingly :)

My initial thoughts up on the three were...

for the Chef, a nice short, fat and stumpy Italian man with a big moustache, big hat and small arms and legs with that hint of Italian arrogance.

for the Caravan, pikey's and gypsy's or the chef's possible restaurant which would be small, dirty and white.

and for the Lasso, i think of the obvious cow boys, which is then overtaken for some reason by the Rad Runner and the Coyote in Looney Toons.


  1. I'm just busking here, but I can see a number of possible formulations for your story...

    so, as you point out the 'chef' could be one of those dodgy types in a roadside 'caravan-come-kebab-shack' (a near perfect synch-up of random items perhaps)... and yes, like the Road Runner cartoons, maybe our chef is coming up with a number of cunning ways to catch a particularly cunning cow/sheep/chicken or similar to put on his greasy griddle; maybe it's an American West-style setting - a Desperate Dan thing with Gary Larson-style comedy cows?

  2. My thoughts exactly on the whole west side based kebabish caravan. Very dirty, cramped with just grease everywhere. Ive got plenty of drive for the story, i just need to take it somewhere.