Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Story Idea One - Development

I have been thinking about where i can take my story for quite some time now and i think i might of just got there. Its not as refined as Act One but its the beginning of what could be Act Two, the middle part of my story and Act Three, the ending to my story.

For Act Two of the story i want to have the chef try and catch the animal that has walked past (which still needs to be developed into something, but what !???) for time being imagine to be the road runner. The chef keeps failing to catch this animal, he tries various booby traps but none of them seem to work, they keep getting messed up some how.

Then for Act Three of the story i want to have the chef succeed in catching this animal. By now the chef will have given up in catching the animal so hes sat down in the back of his caravan flicking through channels on the TV when he comes across a cowboy catching a bull with a lasso (another diiing light bulb moment). The chef then goes out side and catches this animal (not sure whether this will be shown), but to every ones surprise (hopefully) the chef does not want to cook and sell the animal for food, but instead use the lasso and the animal as a toe truck to move his caravan along the road into happiness.

So to recap...

Sad lonely chef in his caravan converted burger van in the middle of no where

Sees an animal go past (diing light bulb)

Tries and keeps failing at catching this animal

Gives up and goes back into his caravan

Sad again and slouched on his chair the chef watches TV

Sees a cowboy on his TV using a lasso to catch a bull (diing light bulb)

The chef then catches the animal with a lasso

Uses the lasso and animal as a toe truck and rides of down the road into the distance.

Happy ending :)

This still needs alot of work and development, but im just getting nothing and going now where now, open to suggestions.....please :)


  1. This sounds like it could be pretty funny, though the booby traps and stuff sound a bit too similar to Looney Tunes.

    I really like the sound of it though, if you can pull that off then I reckon it will deliver.

  2. I'm less worried about the Loony Tunes stuff - because I think that kind of broad physical comedy never gets old. For this reason, I don't think you need the TV section; in this kind of cartoon universe, the existence of lassoes etc. are a part of the logic of the world, so I don't think you need waste running time with him figuring it out; after all, lassoing an animal is a 'logical' idea; however, perhaps you might give more thought to the precise nature of the lasso - it could, for instance, be a string of sausages (because your character is a chef) as opposed to him just having a lasso handy in his caravan; of course, there is an actual real world association between lassoes and caravans - i.e the original 'caravans' of the wild west

    This gives you buffaloes to think about as your 'animal' and a very clear mise-en-scene.

    That said, I quite like the twist in your story that audience (and the animal) think the chef wants to eat it, when in fact the chef just wants to get on his way; I wonder, though, if that's strong enough; the tradition of the animal outsmarting the pursuer is comedy gold; a clear goal - with comedy obstacles; I think you need to work on your third act, but maybe the cowboy idea moves things on a bit? Or not.

  3. The string of saussages is genious, i was trying to think of a substitute lasso instead of rope, i would have never made that connection :)

    Also i was thinking of introducing a cowboy, i thought of a very distanced other idea of a tom and jerry style chase between the chef, could be using his caravan, and a cowboy using his carrage style caravan.