Sunday, 14 February 2010

Story Idea Two - Development

For some strange and unknown reason there is a Japanese sushi chef who has set up a burger van style sushi caravan on a dusty highway in the good old west. Opposite the sushi caravan on the other side of the road there is an American cowboy who has also set up a caravan, but instead selling 'proper American food' like steaks and ribs etc.

The story begins by setting the scene, this is to show how deserted the location is and to emphasise the lack of customers. This could will be portrayed by a shot of the hot sun, some birds flying in the sky, and a tumble weed passing by.

The story then moves onto a shot of the chefs looking at each other. The Japanese sushi chef being always happy, and the American cowboy chef being grumpy.

In the distance they notice a car driving down the highway, both chefs then kick into action with it being a possible customer. The Japanese chef chops fish really fast and the American chef flips burgers and steaks on a BBQ.

The car pulls over and out comes a man. The man walks down the middle of the road towards both caravans working away. The man stops directly half way in between both caravans and ponders up on which food to get.

The Japanese chef then offers the man some of his fine cuisine. The man gets intrigued and starts to walk towards his caravan.

The American chef then offers the man a better deal from his caravan, which then draws the man towards his caravan.

The Japanese chef then notices this and offers the man an even better deal which then attracts the man back to his caravan.

The American chef then offers the man an even better deal than the Japanese chef which attracts the customer back over the his caravan.

This process repeats itself again and again, with each offer from the chefs getting more extravagant each time.

The man get so confused and then notices a sign saying for example 'McDonald's 5 Miles' (any big fast food chain in general.)

It soon becomes a personal duel between the two chefs upon who can offer the better deal. Both chefs get so distracted by there duel they don't realise the mans car pulling away until its too late. Leaving them with no customer.

I still need to work out what shot happens and when it does, and a good way of showing hows the story ends.

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  1. This definitely works as a concept, I understand what you mean by a problem with how it ends because I'm not sure if you can call it 'resolved' if each caravan owner is 'sad'. I mean you could show two shots of each caravan with piles of food that they've prepared just sitting there and then it fades out to and end. Or you could resolve it in a way where both are happy, so maybe they are both seen walking into the horizon saying "American Sushi burgers could work" or "Let's go McDonald's. I dunno, but thanks for commenting on my post lol :/