Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Story Refinement (possibly the final)

After Colins lecture on animation, and the sort of seminar afterwards, i think i now have the final idea for my story, well a more resolved one anyway.

A basic outline for the story is... (and may seem long, but its really not :/)

There are two chefs, ones a Japanese sushi chef, the other an old American cowboy chef. Both chefs have caravan converted burger style vans in which they sell there food, which are dead opposite each other on a derelict dusty highway.

One sunny afternoon they both finally see a possible customer in the distance, the customer parks his car up on the side of the road, and walks down the middle of the road towards the caravans.

Not sure on which style of food to purchase, the customer seems to wander back and fourth between the two caravans. The American cowboy chef, soon gets impatient and suddenly grabs his lasso to reel the customer in. Then out of no where, the Japanese sushi chef does the same thing, but instead using one of his octopus legs as a lasso.

Now with both chefs having a grip on the customer, an epic tug of war breaks out between the chefs, leaving the customer bobbing up and down in the air and being thrown all over the place.

With the customer being launched up a down in the air, still attached to the lasso's he notices an object on the horizon. As the customer is being launched up and down, higher and higher each time, the object in the horizon gets more and more clear up on what it is.

Then with one final launch up and down, the customer manages to break free, launching himself higher into the air, making it perfectly clear what the object is. The good old McyD's logo :D

I now just need to work out what shot goes where and when it will happen. I can imagine most of them in my head so its a matter of directing with the pencil so they say. I hope everyone thinks its ok, some feed back would be very welcome no matter how critical, just dont be too mean. :)


  1. yeah thats sweet man, just a few little suggestions, maybe the cowboy should get the man by the legs and the sushi guy gets his octopus on his face so the man is off the ground and being stretched and pulled. And instead of seeing the macdonalds sign a throughout maybe only see it at the end when both man pull hard and the man in the middle flies up into the air and lands in the distance at the macdonalds place. maybe looking at the style of the road runner and other WB cartoons?

  2. Ah yh, dis sounds really good...I'm Lovin' It :/. I can imagine this as a McD's advert where he instead gets flung into the air and lands perfectly in a McD's restaurant seat and takes a bite out of a burger.