Monday, 1 February 2010

The Three Random Words - Again

Right so i thought i would just look over the brief and my words again, realizing that my previous post and my thoughts up until now are wrong about my three given words. My words are...

A chef...
A Lasso...
And a Caravan

Not as desert, god knows where i got that from. After the briefing today i am now allot more knowing and ready to crack on with this project :) I'm also pretty sure on my essay subject and film in which we will deconstruct into a short story board. I'm thinking i want to write about and draw the story boards for Disney Pixar's most recent movie Up.

I went to grab the book for it from the library 'The Art of Up' but sadly it was gone, curse you people !!! Then decided to go buy form Waterstones but they wanted £25 for it, waaaay too expensive. None the less i did leave the library with two helpful books on pre production and storyboarding.


  1. Rich, sadly that person in the library that took the book was me, dont worry ill return it tomorro and I get other book, I just took it for the character design, but can always look at other film really...

  2. Lol Ruben, no dont worry if your using it, but of course if your not then i would like the check it out for sure. I want it for both character and story. Im think im gonna write my essay on it.

    But damn u any way :D

  3. lol, Ye its fine i return it tomorro and so you can have it