Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Character Research

Whilst doing some character sketches for my spinning tops, which i am yet to scan in, i discovered that it was easy to make the spinning top look like a spinning tops, but it was difficult to make them look like spinning tops aswell as ballet dancers, mainly the male one. So i thought it would be relevant to check out some more reference images on ballet dancers.

Female Ballet Dancer:

The female ballet dancer tends to be rather small in size, quite petite with long skinny arms and legs to match. They also tend to wear frilly tutu dresses which are wide around the waist. This why i have chosen to use the spinning top with a slim top, a wide middle part, to represent the dress and a skinny point towards the bottom to be the legs.

Male Spinning Top:

For my male spinning top, i decided it needed to look far more masculine than the female one, showing an obvious difference so the viewer will be able to depict the two straight away. To make sure i make the spinning top masculine, i decided to use the spinning top which is tall and slim, but then based the shape of it on the Oscar trophy.

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