Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Dancing Vases

I found this article that strangely brings across the idea that a spinning top could be a ballet dancer.

Dancing vases by Robin van Hontem

Five unique pieces are Robin van Hontem’s collection of vases that look more like a familiar toy: the spinning top. The name, “Dancing Vases” derives from the motion of the spinning top, which looks like a dancing ballerina practicing her pirouettes.

Van Hontem captured a sequence of the toy’s moves – a set of the most typical stages of a spinning top's journey until it finally loses its balance and hits the ground.

I find these spinning tops to be really elegant and replicate the ballet dancer perfectly, hopefully i could capture this essence when it comes designing my character.

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  1. These are beautiful, Rich - and your obviously researching around your subject in a very proactive way - very encouraging - and really like the direction in which your project is heading.