Tuesday, 16 March 2010

King Kong

King Kong (1933) at truly breathtaking movie and the first of its kind. I must admit i am one of those hands that had never seen it before, all of it anyway, i think we all must have encountered that iconic empire state scene at least once in our lives.

Kong's story follows a group of sailors, a film director, and his young female actress on there voyage to a lost island, in which habitats pre historic animals such as dinosaurs, giant spiders and of course a massive ape. Once on the island they encounter a tribe of what i can only imagine to be Zulu warriors, sacrifice's, a gigantic wall captivating the beasts, epic battles between dinosaurs and apes and a mission to rescue there stolen actress which leaves 12 men dead.

Once they have rescued the actress and are in the safe zone, the crazy director soon realises he can capture this beast, bring it back to New York, name it the eighth wonder of the world, and create a handsome amount of money from it. This all goes to plan until the beast breaks free, releases it anger onto the city, takes back his female actress (who he has grown fond of) and takes part in the most iconic movie scene of all time.

What allows this movie to be so iconic and influential still to this day, is not only the fact that it was one of the first beasts to wreak havoc on New York City. But was also the first to include stop motion animation in a feature length film to high standards. For a film to be made in 1933 and include great detail in the combination of live footage and stop motion animation is just pure genius, which must have came from a genius itself, special effects artist Willis H O'Brien.

Animation aside, another part of the movie which i found truly inspiring was its set design. Like mentioned before, for a movie created in 1933, a great amount of detail and realism has been put into the environment. Environment wise the switch between live footage and animation is barely noticed, which is a huge bonus on there behalf.

Since the creation of this movie there have been many remakes, the most recent of them being Peter Jackson's in 2005. Comparing the two films there is hardly any difference in the story of the film and the set design is pretty much the same, just set to the high standards of the modern day, and has in my opinion done the original justice.

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