Sunday, 14 March 2010

More Spinning Tops

So you may be thinking to yourself, wow a spinning top. Well i certainly did anyway, but that was a very foolish thought to be thinking. You may also be thinking to yourself how many spinning tops are there? 5 maybe 10? Wrong again, there are an absolute **** loads and just as many spinning top enthusiasts to match. Check out this video for example, this is just one fan with his various spinning tops, which is actually quite inspirational to draw stories from.

This video has given me an insight into the way spinning tops maneuver, which would make the story much more interesting instead of just the generic spinning top movement we all imagine in our heads.

Spinning tops can do trick and a bit of freestyle? Well according to this video they can.

From this video it has given me the idea of the spinning top being a graceful ballet dancer, which has a dreadful end to such a beautiful performance. I don't know about anyone else but from the shape of this one, it just shouts out ballet dancer.

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