Monday, 1 March 2010

Sketchbook Development

I thought i might as well shove everything in one post instead of doing them separately as i have before. These are all my drawings i have done so far over the past couple of days, but there are still a lot more two come, plus i have to go over them in Photoshop.
This is some of my early sushi chef work, as you can see the body works well with the characters head (the more finished drawing), but i thought the chef was a bit too tall.

Then this is the final outcome for my chef. As you can see i have decided to give the chef the classic Japanese robe and have stuck with the sumo wrestler theme in the pose and the thong??? if that's what its called.

These are some facial expressions for the cowboy chef character.

And this is the final outcome for the cowboy chef, i really like this one, especially the front on view.

Then these are the caravans in which the chefs will sell there food in. The bottom left two are exactly what i was imagining them to look like throughout this project, ass you can see i have decided to give them there own little personal touch to show where the chefs come from. For the cowboy chef, i have added a cows skull onto the caravan ad for the sushi chef some oriental lanterns.

Now its just a matter of finishing of some sketches and taking them into Photoshop, and of course cracking on with some nice resolved storyboards.


  1. Your cowboy is very cute somehow! :-)

  2. Yeah, for a fat old greasy cowboy he doesnt look to bad, im not ure why though :/ but still im happy with the outcome.

  3. Nice sketch book work Richard... a very endearing style.

  4. Cheers Simon, if you looked at these now i can probably copy them in 10 mins, it just takes ages getting the god damn things out your head.

  5. No - the cute thing is good!

  6. I like theprofile of the cowboy :D I didn't see this version before :)