Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Spinning Top Ballerina

As mentioned before another idea i thought of whilst doing some visual research on YouTube is that the spinning top could be a ballerina. Spinning tops move quite gracefully, likewise does a ballerina plus when you spin a spinning top in the right way they spin as if they were dancing.

The video that inspired this idea is this one, as you can see the spinning top could replicate that of a ballerina. With the addition of a few more spinning tops, it could replicate a ballet performance.

With this idea in mind Phil mentioned the performance could be a 'pas de deux' (French for step/dance for two) which means a duet in which ballet steps are performed together. This dance is performed using a male and female ballet dancer, which usually consists of; an entree (an opening performance for a grand pas defined as big or large step) an adagio (slow enfolding movements) two variations (a solo dance, one for each dancer) and a coda (a passage which brings movement to conclusion, usually brings all dancers on stage).

To define the different sex between the spinning top i would use different styles of spinning tops, a more elegant wider spinning top to replicate the dress for the female, and taller more masculine looking one for the male. I could also use different colours to replicate the sex, for example pink for the female and blue for the male.

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