Monday, 15 March 2010

Spinning Top Concept # 01

Here's some initial concept sketches that i produced earlier, as you can see they are all the same in shape, i was simply trying to refine it as closely as possible to the reference image. I was also trying to show emotion in the movement of the spinning top.

Here's the reference images i was using, i see them to be quite innocent and child like, especially with the multicolour stripes.

I drew these sketches in mind for the spinning tops first spin story. But since then i have thought of a new story which follows a more elegant spinning top which will pose as a ballerina, i will make a post for this idea shortly.


  1. These are SO cute - like little children - don't abandon this idea yet - the idea of a little kid spinning around until it falls over is always funny...

  2. I wont abandon them just yet, ill keep them on the back burner, ive been doing some research into the ballet dancing spinning top, everything pieces together nicely, but the bilious spinning top matches the child spinning around just that tad more.

  3. ... and yet the ballet dancer is nice too - because it plays against the seriousness of the environment and the art form...

    some famous 'pas de deux' for inspiration...