Saturday, 13 March 2010

Story Development

As you all know we have to create a three act story idea and animated for this unit, i got given the words bilious (to be sick) and spinning top, this is a blessing seeing as the words go together perfectly, but I'm still struggling to think of a decent story idea that's simple but effective.

What i have so far is the idea that, its the spinning tops first spin out the box so he doesn't take it so well and starts to feel sick and heave. What I'm struggling on now though, is how to show this as a story. I do really like the idea of the spinning top being the character, rather than an object that a character uses. Some quite inspirational animation shorts are 'steam boat willie of computer generated animation' Luxo jr, and Tin Toy.

Luxo Jr:

What really inspires me from this animation is how human/character like the emotion can be in a desk lamp. Just the slightest of movement can mean a different emotion within its 'head'. This is what i am looking to do in my character the spinning top.

Tin Toy:

From Tin Toy, an alison i got the idea of the toy being straight out of the box which would then mean that it would be its first spin, and not knowing how he will take it, which he will soon find out to be throwing up.

As good as this idea is (for a first one anyway), i still think there is something i am missing, some sort of other stroy exlanation.


  1. I think your story is pitched perfectly - remember - keep it simple and cut to the chase - so, your act 1 could start with the 'door' of the spinning top's box opening (you could depict the spinning top's packing as if still half wrapped in torn Christmas paper for example, so the audience understands it's brand new). Act 2 could be it spinning happily... Act 3 the consequences and some final little resolution to make your story go 'click'... hmmm

  2. Act one i think should be the box of the spinning top being opened, and the torn wrapping paper does make sure the audience believes it to be new.

    Act two should be it spinning happily doing its thing, ill try and show some emotion through spinning top.

    Act three should be, in my opinion the spinning top coming to a halt, and have it heave as if it was about to throw up, maybe a strectch and skew of those stripes. (or possibly something more interesting??) i shall give it some thought.