Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Story Idea # 01

A spinning tops first spin.

Act One:

Its a child's birthday and on the floor is a pile of box's and birthday presents. Next to the presents is an opened box, and next to that opened box is a spinning top lying there on the floor unused.

Act Two:

The spinning top slowly comes to life and realises that he has not yet been used. It then hops up and has a few attempts at spinning itself, each time not going so well and falling to the floor. On its third attempt the spinning top gets some momentum and starts to spin like a spinning top should. The spinning top spins and spins like there is nothing else to do in the world,but all doesn't go to plan. The spinning top starts to get really wobbly and spins out of control.

Act Three:

As the spinning top looses its control, its moving about every where desperately trying to catch its balance. Its hits the floor, slowly gets back up to regain its balance, shakes of the fall but suddenly starts to heave as though it is going to be sick due to dizziness and all the spinning.

I have tried to keep the story as simple and clear as possible due to the fact that i do not want to over complicate the story. I think the simplicity of this story really works in its favour, and helps push forward the innocence in the character of the spinning top.

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