Sunday, 28 March 2010

Story Idea # 02

Not so Swan Lake

Act One:

The spinning tops a ballerina performing the famous Pas de Deux form Swan Lake. The spinning top and its partner hop on to the stage and introduce each other as they prepare to begin there performance.

Act Two:

The spinning tops start the performance, the dance is elegant and very beautiful, full of passion and connection between the two spinning tops. The couple perform various different dance moves leading to the finale 'big spin'.

Act Three:

The Pas de Deux is approaching the end of the performance, leaving just the finale 'big spin'. During the 'big spin' the spinning top looses control, gets dizzy and falls to the floor, leaving the performance with a not so elegant end. As the spinning top gets back up to regain its balance, it suddenly starts to heave as though it is going to be sick.

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