Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Here's the story board for the project which i will soon take into Final Cut Pro and turn into my animatic. Hopefully you will be able to see clearly what is happening throughout the short story, and hopefully a person which does not know my story will be able to understand it. I have gone for a simple style which looks quite cartoon like, i think it works well and am happy with the final out come.


  1. Hey Rich, storyboards looking great. Gave me a chuckle when I saw the predicament our fellow bystander was in. Only frames I'm yet to make sense of is the frames with the red squiggly boarders on the 2nd page with the curving arrow toward the sun. Everything else reads nicely though :)

  2. AS I said before, it relly reads, because when I follow the pictures again and again I'm caught by laughter :D good work! I think the animatic will be even more efective :D

  3. @ Leo, yeah everything went ok for me except those two shots, there basically a first person perspective of the customer being tugged about and the arrows are the direction in which he is going, foe example being tugged up then down.

    @ JJ, thanks, but i really do like your ones soooo much better than mine, they just look so stylistic and crisp.