Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sushi Chef

Here's my final concept for the sushi chef, i have (like a lot of this project) tried to keep it simple so its easy to read. For the body view, i have gone for a more sketchy style just to mix the look up a bit.


  1. You don't want to hear this, Rich - but it doesn't make sense to 'mix up' the look of the same character between two character sheets - the expression sheet is very successful and very resolved, and the line-art style adds charm and precision; the sketchy look of the character sheet just looks 'unfinished' by comparison; they are the same information - not separate products: currently, one is bringing the other into question. Character sheets are the 'final word' - I think there's some confusion now re. the world of your story. Just saying... :-)

  2. Ok Phil, ill not mix it up next time :)ill go over it again tomorow, im fed up with looking at this guy for the night now. Ill take it into consideration for the cowboy chef.