Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Swan Lake - Pas de Deux

To get a better understanding of pas de deux, Phil linked me some different videos of famous dances, Swan Lake and the Nutcracker. From there onwards i found many more, but the most interesting of them all has to be Swan Lake. The music in the video is very familiar would work very well against the ballet dancing spinning top. The first 1 minute 30 seconds would work quite well, its just a shame that its 30 seconds too long.

For some reason the embed wont work but here's the link...

Whilst the build up at the beginning of the music is playing, i can imagine a title fading in and out then the entrance of the characters, then whilst the tune kicks in i can imagine the spinning tops move around really elegantly, then the music really builds up and up and gets really intense. Whilst this is playing i can imagine the spinning top building up a really big spin or dance, then whilst the music drops, the spinning top trips. And all ends horribly, the spinning top gets up and is heaving, about to be sick.


  1. Hey Rich - be a devil and go for 1.30secs - but that's more drawings of course!

  2. I know that music works really well, its just the drawing and time thats holding me back :(