Sunday, 7 March 2010

Unit 5: Animation

The words are...

The Bilious (puke/sick) Spinning Top.

My response to my chosen two words are, if I'm honest boring. But i thought i would never be able to create a story out of my three words for unit 4, but i managed to pull it off, so I'm sure the bordem will soon fade out. Putting bordem behind, the two words strangely go together more than spaghetti and meat balls, so this should be quite easy to think of an animation.

How many different ways can you animate a spinning top lol?

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  1. Don't be bored, Rich! & keep that mind of yours nice and open... the prime challenge of this unit is to add performance and 'acting' to an otherwise inanimate object - trust me, there is a thrill in this simple/complex act which will impress itself upon you only in the doing. Heed the warning - you're not being asked to produce some hugely elaborate story, rather a plot that serves to give your object the opportunity to behave in its designated way.

    For instance, put yourself in the position of a spinning top being used for the first time - rather like a fighter pilot having to do a roll on his first trip out, or a would-be astronaut on one of those centrifugal machines... people come off those things complete disorientated and green around the gills...

    Anyway - see the following for stupid people doing stoopid stuff under the effects of dizziness...