Monday, 29 March 2010


Up (2009) is the latest Pixar movie to be released, and in my opinion the best one yet. Its not just a great looking movie to laugh at, but also a really deep and meaningful movie based on the grief of a loved one.

A basic out line of the Up would be, a story of grief based on an adventure to Paradise Falls jam packed with annoying circumstances along the way. The main character Carl, a grumpy old man, and his passed away wife Ellie Frederickson, lived a life long dream of following there hero Charles Muntz, adventurer, to Paradise Falls 'a land lost in time'. But due to the unfortunate events in life never managed to complete there dream.

Now with Ellie gone, and the neighbourhood in which they once lived in changing, Carl has nothing else to stay for, and set out to complete there dream and fly there house to Paradise Falls using thousands of balloons tied to his house. But just like there life nothing has ever gone to plan, a wilderness explorer named Russell has placed himself onto the house porch whilst Carl has released the balloons, flying the house as well as Russell away.

The couple land on Paradise Falls and find themselves within the company of two new explorers, a talking dog named Doug, who's master is Charles Muntz and a strange bird named Kevin, who Muntz as well as Doug is hunting to take back to civilisation. Along the way through paradise falls the group find them selves under going various missions to leave Kevin at peace from Muntz, and to land Carls house, who represents Ellie, right next to the waterfall like they have always dreamed.

Pixar is known to follow the theory of, for every funny moment there has to be a sad one, and this movie of course applies. The mood within the story can be funny in one frame but then sad in the next, this good use of storytelling allows this movie to be what it is, truly brilliant.

Storytelling aside, other points to make in which allow the movie to be truly brilliants are its superb character design, its in depth environment and its fluent animation. Its safe to say that's Pixar's attention to detail allow all these points to come to life in an epic movie heavily influenced by movies which range from The Lost World to The Wizard of Oz even to Star Wars.

In the DVD extras there is a short documentary which is definitely worth taking a look at, it talks about the production teams journey to south America, which shows that all the environments in the movie are true to the way they look on screen and the various different endings in which involve Muntz's death and the meanings behind them.

Again in my opinion the best Pixar movie yet, and the anticipated movie in which we have had to watch on the course.

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