Sunday, 25 April 2010

Animation Timeline: Entry 20 - Toy Story (1995)

Toy Story was created by John Lasseter and the team at Pixar animation studios in 1995. It was the first ever fully CG feature length film, which then lead the way for many more to follow. Due to Toy Story's popularity the film managed to produce an gross income of $362,000,000 to date and then went on to produce 2 sequels and was named as being the biggest revolution in animation since Disney's Steamboat Willie.

The film features a fully CG environment and characters based on a story of a child's toys coming to life when there owners are not present. The film also was the first animation created by Pixar to use famous voice actors, which soon became a trend within animation feature lengths to follow.

What helped Toy Story be a success was of course its extremely modern graphics, but also its never out dated and genius storyline. Since the creation of Toy Story Pixar has managed to produce 9 other feature length animation which have all been of great success due to there wacky story lines and graphics.

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