Sunday, 25 April 2010

Animation Timeline: Entry 22 - Avatar (2009)

Avatar was created and directed by James Cameron which was then released in 2009. The film has been in development and production since 1994 and has had the high budget of $237,000,000. Avatar is the most recent film to be released in revolutionary timeline of animation and has used the mixture of CG and motion capture to create it. The majority of the film was created using CG andthe rest using live action footage and motion capture to create the movement of the characters.

According to James Cameron the filming of Avatar was delayed for many years in the 1990's due to the fact that the technology available back then was not sufficient enough to create the effects Cameron was imagining. This soon proved to be a good idea due to its excellence in motion capture and its award winning visual effects.


  1. That is one hell of a timeline Rich, good work!

  2. Cheers Jordan, i didnt want it to be jam packed full of information but i also didnt want it to be to bare so i went for a timeline some where inbetween :)