Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Fantastic Voyage (1966)

Fantastic Voyage was created in 1966 and directed by Richard Fliescher, the film features a group of scientists taking part on the 'fantastic voyage' through the human body, the first film of which to dive into this genre.

The film follows a group of scientists voyage through the human body in a miniature submarine to save a scientists life. Whom of which has crucial information in the development of the 'shrink ray', which the United States and the Soviet Union both need to complete there experiments within the miniaturization of objects. Through out the voyage, the crew come across various different obstacles which hinder them achieving there goal and saving the scientists life, but all of which are soon overcome.

This film was quite joyous to watch but also during the beginning of the film quite anticipating. The film takes a long time to set the scene which allows the viewers to understand the reason behind the film, but as a viewer waiting to know how they portrayed the inside of the human body, the film became very anticipated and quite exhausting to watch before the crew enter the body. The reason behind this simply lies within the lack of patience, but also the fact that the scientists preparing for the operation take a long time to complete everything.

None the less this film portrayed some fantastic visuals of the inside of the human body and did prepare me for this project, showing some possibilities of the way parts of the body or any of our chosen scenarios could look.

A good film to watch for the start of this project.

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