Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Progress So Far...

Okay, since i started to do my project again on Monday i feel its needed just to do a quick progress post. I have finished my essay, although some alterations are needed, I have successfully completed my storyboards and animatic last night, which i feel clearly shows the story and direction of the animation. Today i have completed a piece of concept art to show what the character (the spinning top) looks like and have also key framed up 45 seconds of my animation. So this leaves me with needing to do the last 15 seconds of key frames and a long day of inbetweens tomorrow. I will then scan everything in and do all the post production on Thursday and finish all the bits and pieces.

So far i am happy with the progress being made, but do need to see whether the animation flows well on screen.


  1. Jesus rich I cannot believe how much you have done, i feel so tired because the stress won't let me sleep lol, good luck mate and I'll see you Friday:)

  2. Drink some Whiskey Bailey, that will knock you out, just make sure you don't wake up on Saturday having missed the crit.

    Good Luck Richard, I bet your working non-stop

  3. Yeah non stop is lots of fun :D I know ho you feel Bailey, bu yeah im with sam :)