Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Question for Phil - Essay

Hey Phil, i was just wondering whether you could check over my essay, i have been writing it over the last couple of days but i think I've wrote too much about John Lasseter's childhood, i would cut some out, but i think its important to know about Lasseter's life.

I have sent you a copy of my essay to your email, would be great if i could get some feed back,

Cheers, Rich


  1. Hey Rich,

    How's things? A while back I wrote this long comment in which I admired your tenacity and stoicism in light of some difficult personal circumstances, in which I applauded your studentship and attitude and suggested that you were a valuable part of the cg community... unfortunately, blogger experienced a 'brain fart' and the said comment was lost to the mists of time... the short version is as follows: 'I'm sorry to hear you're life is a bit difficult, but you're doing great..." :-)

    Meanwhile - about this Unit 5 essay. Again, what's clear is that you've done the hard labour already - gathering in your research - BUT, it seems to me that you're yet to construct an argument (i.e. the right kind of 'idea envelope' in which your research can sit most usefully). Actually, you have identified the most important 'argument' encompassed by Lasseter - his 'story first' philosophy. I suggest you now reframe your essay around this emphasis, and make your research subordinate to it; so, in your introduction, you might set out your investigative intention thus...

    "On July 23rd, 2010, Toy Story 3 is released in UK cinemas - the third part in a series of computer animated adventures. Toy Story 3 was originally going to be made without the involvement of John Lasseter and Pixar studios... (blah, blah, blah). But for Lasseter, story matters; this assignment will examine Lasseter's creative philosophy, his influences and his influence..."

    (In other words, it seems to me that via Toy Story 3 and its development history, you have a perfect vehicle by which to discuss Lasseter's view on story-telling and animation - this will stop it from falling into the trap of autobiographical 'timeline' - which is information readily available to any reader via the internet; you need to 'use' that biographical detail to 'say' something.

  2. Cheers phil, been lots of help, i was reluctant to start again but i have :)

    All of my information about his childhood was relevant in telling his life, but it was falling down the biography slope.

    I havnt followed the Toy Story 3 route beacuse i couldnt find much info on it, but i have started directly talking about how the story makes the movie for Lasseter.

  3. ... more blogs (2nd/3rd Years) you should be following (and I should have passed on ages ago!)