Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Scenario 02 - The Life of a Slime Mold

As mentioned before, during the time of the presentation, it was this scenario 'The Life of a Slime Mold' which intrigued me the most. I believe this is because of the stunning visuals in which Peter Klappa showed us, and because of the potential within modelling some of the molds in CG.

My initial development thoughts for 'The Life of a Slime Mold' were scientific based, which would be aimed at undergraduates. I was thinking of using high tech visuals aswell as text explaining the process. Some thing similar to...

Jonathan Thiry's 'Dream Avenue'

With its stunning and realistic visuals.

and Squint Opera's 'Model Home 2020'

With there floating style of text and diagrams which is a prouctive way of informing the viewer with information.

I cannot find a video to embed so heres the link...

Squint Opera 'Model Home 2020'

After further thought into the world of the slime mold and a thought about the right target audience. I soon realised that a 1950's SciFi/horror movie would be a suitable way to present 'The Life of a Slime Mold'. I would do this by presenting it in a classic retro SciFi film fashion using the likes of 'The Blob' as reference. I would also aim this interpretation to the juniour/GCSE students.

Heres a video clip to show the scientific side of the life cycle...

John Bonners Slime Mould

and heres a video clip to show how the retro SciFi genre could interpret it...

The Blob (1958)

I feel as though this could have great potential and would work well as an informative, yet interesting and fun to watch CG film to show 'The Life of a Slime Mold'.


  1. Hey Rich!
    I'm doing the same scenario :)
    So hopefully I'll be picking info from your blog, as well as youre welcome to do so from mine :D
    (Competition competition competition) :D

  2. :O you swine.
    Im still not dead set on doing this one yet, i still might do the fern, alot more research is needed though.

  3. The Blob is a really nice idea - and honestly, I don't think it's a problem that both you and JJ are looking into it - even within that scenario there are loads of ways to go with it... it will be about the staging, remember and the specific rules of your world; don't inhibit enthusiasm for a good idea because it's not 'unique' - which idea truly is?

  4. I dont think its a problem either, with a project with restrictions like this one, there are bound to be people looking into the same subject, like Unit 02 for example.

    But the competition is most certainly on JJ ;)

  5. I'm back to JJ no, not swine anymore? :D
    good then :)