Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Scenario 04 - The Life of a Fern

The Second scenario of interest to me was 'The Life of a Fern'. Peter Klappa mentioned this as being one of the hardest, but to me i believe it looked like the most simplest. The idea that initially pops to mind would be to go from the 'New Sporophyte' to 'Meiosis' or if achievable go for the whole cycle, which is highly suicidal.

I believed this would be most simple, but the animation would switch from the real world to the biological world of the inside of the fern.

If i was to follow this idea through, my target audience would be undergraduates and i would carry out the animation to have a very professional aesthetic. I would base this animation to look the same as my initial idea for the slime mould. Which was to use high end visuals similar representing what the cells look under a microscope as closely as possible, and i would also use the idea of 'Squint Opera', which was to use floating text and diagrams to show information.

I would also use techniques such as high speed zooms and camera shakes to show fast movement within the animation. When information is needed, i would freeze frame the image, rotate around the model being shown with a 360 degree pan, and show the information needed using the floating text. Sort of like a 'Matrix effect'.

I'm still not entirely sure which one to go with, its between scenario 02 (the slime mould) and scenario 04 (the fern) any suggestions???

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  1. I'm going with this one, it may just be me, but when I first saw the cycle I could see a lot of potential for a filmic animation, especially with the spores.

    I am planning to try and do the whole cycle, but like you said, that could be suicidal, we'll see.