Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Scenarios

Here are the four scenarios given to us by Peter Klappa at the time of our briefing. Knowing that we have to create an animation which tells the life cycle story of one of these scenarios, it is vital that we choose the right one and the right target audience to do so. Having missed the briefing for scenario 01 (apologies for that) i have decided not to go for this one. Scenario 02 initially intrigued me the most, so there is a possibility for this one being my choice. Scenario 03 is interesting by does not interest me as much as the others. Finally scenario 04 also intigued me, leaving another possibility for my choice.

So out of the four scenarios given to us, i have rounded my options down to scenario 02 'The Life of a Slime Mould' and scenario 04 'The Life of a Fern'. I am still not sure which scenario to go with so some careful thought is needed in choosing the final one. I have an idea for each of these scenarios so hopefully after some further research into each subject, hopefully it will become clear which one to choose.

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