Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Unit 06: Commision

Last project did not go as smooth as i would have liked so for this one there needs to be some changes. As we all know this one is the big one, the last project of the year and also our first dive into the real world.

Unit 06 is more science based which is quite a downfall for me, but none the less a hell of a lot is research into my chosen topic is going to be needed. Soon after our lecture with P.Klappa, and some talks with Phil i gathered a few preliminary ideas and directions i want to go with this project.

Knowing this is the hardest project of the year, i hope to break that barrier of the 2-1 and aim for a 1st, good luck to everyone.


  1. Good Luck Rich, will be hard but hey, life is. We should be fine as long as we get the work done and don't change our ideas at the last minute lol :)

  2. hahaha! No chance of changing your mind at the last minute in this one! :)