Sunday, 2 May 2010

B-Movie Research

I've been doing some research into B-Movie's from around the 1950's to gain the overall look to my animation, so far i have came to the conclusion of a few key points. Overall they all look extremely similar other the the obvious movie name and image change, they all use bold basic coloured text for title, have simple backgrounds with a painterly cartoon image, and all use a very basic amount of text. These are all key to attaining the overall aesthetic that a B-Movie poster has, and is what i would like to achieve in my final concept.

Here's some various different posters from retro B-Movies which i have been researching into. As well as these i have been looking at clips on YouTube and some films provided by Phil. From this i have managed to, like the B-Movie posters, attain a level of aesthetic, an overall run of how my animation should flow including music, which will become a lot more clearer when it comes to storyboarding. But this has also lead me to the question, should i create my animation to be in black and white or colour, i feel as though i could express more in colour but have more of an old fashioned feel within black and white. I could get away with creating a colour piece due to my reference for the project being on the border line between black and white to colour film.

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  1. I love these posters SO much!

    In regard to colour - try taking your cue from the posters themselves; there was a sort of set of conventions - snot green and purple for sci-fi trappings, and a sort of dirty, desaturated palette.