Wednesday, 5 May 2010

B-Movie Trailer/Research

As mentioned before, i have now decided to create an animation which dynamically recreates the life cycle of the slime mold in the form of a 1950 B-Movie trailer. The reason for this being, with the whole concept for this project it would be difficult to create a decent animation which fully tells the story of the life cycle as an animation short. I feel as though it would be okay but not great, whereas if i was to create the animation in the form of a trailer i can cut from scene to scene explaining the life cycle in small snippets and keep the animation interesting and fast paced. This would also give me all the great bonuses which a 1950's horror movie has i.e. the voice over, the text based theme using wipe in and out transitions, the short space of time and the overall aesthetic. All of which you can note in the following trailers.

Now with that classic old fashioned American voice over in mind, instead of using text to explain the process of the life cycle, i can now use voice overs which keeps the animation interesting and gives the animation a nice edge. As well as this voice over, some trailers at the time used 3D glasses to create horror movie that truly jumped out into the audience. I will attempt to create my animation life cycle in 3D, there for needing the use of classic red and blue glasses. With this great input from Phil, this will truly help to create a interesting animation to learn from.

As you can see, all of these trailers share similar concepts; the music is very 'dun dun dunnnnn' with a high use of trumpets, the text is all similar which uses similar placement, timing and transitions, and a voice over to explain the film in the trailer. All of which i will try my best to replicate.

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