Thursday, 6 May 2010

Formation Concept #01

This is the first piece of concept art for this project which i have created, it features the formation of the mold. I feel as though something is missing but i cant quite put my finger on it. Im debating whether to colourise this image, im keeping it black an white to keep with the 1950's theme, but perhaps some colour would serve the image some use. Also the environment is quite a problem for me, im not sure what i want to create yet. Feed back welcome and preferred :)


Reference Images:


  1. Hi Rich - I think you need to make a decision re. stylisation - i.e., the 1950's special effects - are you going for lo-fi pastiche, so that everything looks 'bad' in a good way? In terms of 'environment' you could go for a purposefully 'matte[ painted style - or back projection style? You really need to inhabit the era of your homage and all that goes with it...

  2. Cheers Phil,i will look into creating something like that for sure, it seems to be missing thay 1950's badly good wow.