Saturday, 8 May 2010

Formation Concept #02

Here's the third or maybe fourth but classed as the second formation concept i have drawn. Had what i can only assume to be a corrupt usb stick when transferring data and lost both my back up and the original of this piece. All is well now though seeing as i managed to finish it. I have tried to capture the essence of the 1950's concept art as much as possible without actually painting them with real life paint and paper :O I feel as though it has been quite successful and a great improvement on my previous piece which was more microscopic real life. Some possible changes in my next piece woould feature a more woodland environment.


Reference Images:


  1. Looks so cool! even when I read the title on your concept drawing I heard that traditional voiceover . You know, that dramatic one -the slime mold !!!! :D

  2. Really like this, Rich! And I wonder if creating hand-painted 'papery' textures for your Maya stuff might be the way forward?

  3. As I said, before I really like the style in here the use of bold colours really gives a retro/ pop arty style.
    Also Phil mentioned the use of hand painted textures, I agree I think it is the way
    forward, instead of giving this beautiful smooth fiishing, it will allow you rough it and age it a bit. to match the retro style

    One more thing, on the concept art the word "Formation" was mispelled by the word fomration

  4. Ruben - you beat me to it - the spelling mistake! You get a big gold star!

  5. Well that certainly needs to be changed, i suppose thats what you get when working into the night.

    Cheers for all the comments people.

    @ JJ i know exactly what voiceover and i will atteempt to replicate it.

    @ Ruben, that retro style is what i was looking for so im happy that i you noticed that.

    @ Phil, i did think about it. After i saw the third year Dave's blog i liked the style an texture is gave to his environment, and this could be the key to solving my environent visualisations.