Monday, 10 May 2010

Need Music - Phil

Okay so i have recently been tying to locate some music to go with my trailer, i want the music to be very dramatic and very classic horror. I would very much like to have something similar to the music playing in the trailer for the blob. I have done some research into this subject area and found some possiblities, but nothing which really has that nice classic horror edge. The closest soundtrack i have found is the actual soundtrack for The Blob, but as you will see if differs drastically from the one used in the trailer. Have you any suggestions on any music which might be a possibility for me.


  1. And there's nothing on that cd that might be of use? You might have to put together an edit, by chopping a longer track up? I did start watch the modern film 'Slither', which was on film 4 a few nights back - which is a homage to b-movies of the 50's...

    The soundtrack riffed nicely on the classic music in places...?

  2. From what i skipped through i didnt find anything of interest, im just listening to them again now and have found some possibilities, theres a tack from dracula, taratula and revenge of the creature. Ill have a look and see what i can do.